Traumeel Pain Relief

Dr. Ken & Dr. Marnie have been exclusively recommending Traumeel as our #1 topical pain relieving ointment for years....we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying Traumeel cream and gel here in the clinic!

The Benefits of Traumeel


Helps sufferers regain mobility and resume normal activities more quickly.

Available in an odorless cream or gel and is also conveniently offered in oral dosage forms.

Suitable for the entire family

Better tolerated than NSAIDs: does not cause adverse effects on the renal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, hepatic and nervous systems.

No known medicinal interactions; may be combined with conventional or natural medications

For the company's product brochure answering questions such as "What is the difference between an analgesic pain relieving drug, an anti-inflammatory drug and Traumeel?" click here.

For the product data sheet (ingredients, indications, instructions) please click this direct link.

Traumeel ointment or gel 50g tube:  $20.97

Traumeel ointment 100g tube: $35.97