February 2017

Theme Day: 

Monday February 27th is 'MARGARITA MONDAY'. Join us wearing your 'tackiest tourist' outfit for a chance to win a great prize. We will be bringing a little sunshine to our long winter and sampling family friendly tropical drinks so drop in and say 'Aloha or Adios'.

February 16-28 Nutritional Special: Vitamin D and Probiotics                                                                           

-Upcoming Orthotics Workshop Tuesday March 7th at 6:30pm

This workshop is FREE and includes not only Dr Ken's informative talk about feet and orthotics, but also includes a Complimentary Gait Analysis (foot scan) as well as $50 OFF your order of orthotics.  This workshop fills up quickly and we have limited seating.

Call today to reserve your seat 250-897-3424