Both Dr. Ken Heinrich and Dr. Marnie Grant offer a full range of custom foot orthotic services from dress to sports to sandal orthotics for those in Courtenay and the Comox Valley. Using Footmaxx technology of computerized gait analysis the actual mechanics of your walking gait (foot function) will first be analysed and then this information will be used to prescribe fully custom foot orthotics for you.

naot_sandal.jpg We have samples in-office of the various custom orthotics that we build to go into your own shoes or we can have custom orthotics fit to shoes from our catalog. For the current  Footmaxx Footwear Catalog showing the various footwear we can also bring in with custom orthotics please click here. The catalog may take a minute to load and then you may scroll through the pages.


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Our next Orthotic Workshop will be on March 7th, 2017 at 6:30pm.

Back by popular demand is our explosive seminar on healthy feet and orthotics. Eliminate foot, knee and low back pain forever!!! Seating is limited for this informative workshop. 

This complimentary workshop includes a FREE digital foot scan (valued at $67.00) PLUS a $50.00 savings off any orthotics ordered (total savings of $117.00).

CALL NOW (250) 897-3424 to reserve your seat, this event will be full!! Guests welcome.

Here's What People are Saying!!!

I tried everything for my low back pain. Since owning my orthotics and having regular chiropractic adjustments my low back pain has disappeared!

Helen B.

Being a mail carrier, I went home every night with unbearable foot pain. Thanks to my orthotics I am able to walk my dog when I get home.

Richard C.

I love my orthotics! They fit in all my shoes and without them my knee pain would still keep me away from my running regimen.

Don J.